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Purchasekaro is India 1st multi service portal which deals in many services like online shopping, DTH / Prepaid / Postpaid recharge,Bus / Flight / Hotel / Taxi booking. If you are a manufacturer,wholeseller / retailer / reseller, a franchise holder, a distributor, a professional artist/artisan or a trader, you can sell on Purchasekaro. To be a part of Purchasekaro.com seller, you need to be ready to provide goods at good quality and timely dispatch the order on time.

You have to register your store on www.purchasekaro.com/sellers and follow the simple steps in order to register. 
Please note ,once your account get verified then only you can start selling through your online store at Purchasekaro.com.

Once you have registered as a seller on Purchasekaro, you need to display your products online by uploading pictures and product descriptions. Keep note that you need to update it regularly to bring buyers attention and to avoid stock out situation. 

You can contact your store manager and also the policies is been mention in yours seller panel at Purchasekaro.com.

We process online payments on sellers behalf and send the money to sellers after deducting our selling service fees. Sellers do not have to deal with online payments as we take care of it. Sellers need to provide us their banking details and accounting information, so that we set-up an online bank transfer for them.

We follow a Thursday weekly cycle, i.e. we will release Payment Instruction to our bank on each Thursday for orders completed on or before Wednesday of that week. In the Thursday payment cycle, you will get paid for the items sold a week prior and have reached "Complete" status.


At Purchasekaro, you will get a webpage with your seller name and products  listing. You can use your storefront URL in all your marketing initiatives, including advertisements through business cards. The naming convention for your storefront URL is: www.Purchasekaro.com/seller/YourStoreName.

After you have successfully registered, you will have complete administrative rights access to your online store at www.purchasekaro.com/sellers. You can login anytime, anywhere, using an Internet connection to upload new products, change existing quantity or pricing, manage orders & inventory, along with various other benefits.

We have 2 simple ways to create your product catalogue at Purchasekaro. These are: 
1) one by-one Upload,
2) Bulk upload, using a CSV file.

You can easily change your product description, price, quantity, discount offered, bundling etc. From anywhere. You can do it by login in your online store using your own username and password, via a desktop, mobile or tablet.


At Purchasekaro, we believe to create a win-win situation for all the sellers. you only pay, when you sell online. currently, we do not charge for the product listings and online store registration. 
Here are the three components of pricing for our sellers-

  • Registration Fee - Registration up your store on Purchasekaro is FREE.
  • Listing Fee - We do not charge for the product listings. If you want more visibility or run promotions, we offer several marketing programs at a fee.
  • Selling Service Fee - A selling service fee is charged upon a successful execution of a transaction. You pay us a percentage on your final sale value, only when selling is done successfully. Please contact us on sellers@Purchasekaro.com for further details or you can check under Pricing section in www.purchasekaro.com/sellers/pricing.
  • Logistics Charges- We charge Rs 48 plus GST(As per Govt of India Rule )Per 499 gram and so on) on every shipment done via Purchasekaro.com.
  • Packaging Charges: We charge a minimal packaging charge only when you order packaging material from Purchasekaro.com

We offer all the popular online payment options such as credit card, debit card, net banking, cash on delivery (COD),Wallet , EMI and UPI.

Sellers are responsible for collecting GST. Purchasekaro only provides online channel and communication platform that connects sellers and buyers but the buying and selling is the contract between buyers and sellers. Sellers should keep the selling price inclusive of all taxes.


We had tied up with Fed Ex & Delhivery for our logistics partner and our logistics partners will come at your pickup address to collect the shipment.

You can check the delivery status of all orders through login to your online store.


every time a customer buys an item at Purchasekaro, he/she is invited to rate the seller on a five star rating system.

Higher sellers ratings or more positive feedback from buyers will help you track your customers responses. If you consistently get positive feedback, other potential buyers will be more likely to buy from you.

Assure that you always provide top quality products to your customers. You should meet all your promises to customers and create an open communication channel with them.


Purchasekaro provides all the technology, payments, returns and pre-sales/ point of sale services. The entire post-sale services are to be provided by the sellers.

The product related issues are to be handled directly by sellers. Purchasekaro will communicate the same to seller but Purchasekaro is not equipped to handle any product or manufacturer related issues, repairs, maintenance and/or services.